Investigation of Light - Colour State of mind

Edited by Viviana Di Meglio

In 2011, through a series of twelve paintings, Francesco Zavattari gave life to the project “Indagine sull’ombra” (Investigation on Shadow) diffused in three different exhibitions. Today, after just a few months from “UBIQUA” and “It’s Tissue World Tour”, that took the Tuscan Artist’s work around the world, the new project “Indagine sulla luce – Colour State of Mind” (Investigation of Light  - Colour State of mind), the evolution of three years ago series, makes its own debut. But any painting or draw will not characterize this venture; it actually is a real research concerning  technical and conceptual use of colour that Zavattari has been carrying out for months. “Investigation of Light” represents a trait d’union between the artistic and professional activities of the Designer, indeed.

This work tends to develop a complex colour palette (accompanied by a wide textual analysis) that Studio Matitanera will launch in the next few months, as a commercial application through an innovative operation of international branding. Among the others, FULL Magazine as divulger of the research, Matitanera ATD (Advanced Technology Division) for technical aspects and Noteblack line of notebook as development partner in the delicate phase of printing tests, will be involved in this project.

One of the main final phases of the research consists in the in-depth analysis led on tens of masterpieces placed in the three main museums of Madrid. The already strong relationship between the Artist and Spanish Capital will be further increased thanks to the study in loco of a wide set of paintings, previously selected among ages, trends and extraordinary artists: in fact Del Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museums will host Francesco Zavattari in the very first days of February 2014.