Albert George Storace about Francesco Zavattari

Albert George Storace, Teacher and Critic for the Times and The Sunday Times of Malta

What strikes me about Francesco Zavattari's work is the sensation of continuous motion and great dynamism.
Equally striking are the bold colours and fluid composition style.  He moves on with decisive brushstrokes creating convoluted shapes which i suppose are indicative of a certain restlessness. I should know something about being restless so i feel a certain affinity with the movement, this apparent quest for and fascination with what could lie beyond our horizons, for what could lie beyond, and possibly even around every corner. 

I have known Francesco Zavattari for a relatively short time but long enough to be aware of this young man's warm personality, liveliness and enthusiasm, generosity and outgoing character.
His is an interesting personality which is reflected in those little shapes, circles, alien vehucles and seemingly empty-eyed extra-terrestials.

Some of his work is richly polychromatic some are monochromatic and one in particular strikes me as a symphony in sea-green.

There is definitely never a dull moment, neither with the man nor with his art.