Vincenzo Lombardi about Francesco Zavattari

Vincenzo Lombardi, Educator

When we visit an exhibit, we expect to discover something both within and outside ourselves, something to help us understand the meaning of life.
They say that beauty will save the world, and this is one of the objectives of an art  exhibit.
With an exhibit  entitled “Universo instabile” (Unstable Universe), curiosity surrounds the artist himself and one would like to know more about him, perhaps even through the numbers derived from his name and surname. These, in fact, tell us he is sensitive and an idealist, likes to be useful, and easily slips into the role of teacher; he is guided by sentiment, dedicates himself to others, but must be careful not to make people he loves dependant on him.
Family life is at the centre of his interests and his affectionate nature makes him lean toward a receptive partner who is willing to accept his advice and attention, and even his pungent criticisms.  He is a singular person, whose charm is dictated by a dignified authority that stands out beyond attire or words.  He needs his personal space and is subject to sudden changes that alternate moments of being completely at disposal to moments of total closure.  Stubborn and strong-willed, he organizes himself methodically and with discipline, patiently building his future step by step.
When he loses his equilibrium, he recovers by choosing a path with heart and by dedicating himself to what he loves.  This means allowing oneself to be guided by one’s inclinations, moving away from what does not correspond to one’s feelings.  By respecting one’s true nature, one allies with destiny and is certain to make the correct choice.
Francesco Zavattari’s paintings are image, colour, and composition.  They cross the threshold of the familiar and open onto the mysterious world of the self.  The combination of  form and colour is never risk-free, but in this case,  well portrays an evolutionary force and the conflict of who transgresses a conventional world to reveal a superior order.
Francesco’s composition channels energy in order to transmit it to those who surround him.   His vision of the Universe is full of suggestions and magic, and fundamentally shows a better world,  and by representing the absolute value of utopia, he pushes the spectator to cross the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious, so that out-of-the-ordinary levels of consciousness can be entered.  His challenge is to reconcile dream with reality, directing his art towards constructive ends.
“Universo instabile” (Unstable Universe) is within and outside us, and open to putting itself on the line with the unknown, and in this, Francesco’s paintings provide the necessary pass.