Remo Santini about Francesco Zavattari

Remo Santini  Senior Editor, La Nazione - Lucca

I must begin by stating that I am by no means an art critic.  But my eyes love to feast on anything of interest in an image.  And I always am pleased to linger over Francesco Zavattari’s work, because what emerges is, ultimately,  part of every man’s unconscious.  
His work rekindles the child in us, and lights up the hidden fantasy that a non-artist would find difficult to express in words or design.  An unstable universe, possibly.  But a universe filled with a thousand certainties:  the wish to free oneself of an often stifling past, feet firmly planted in the thousands of difficulties of today, the healthy desire to plan something exciting for the future.  
And yes, be daring, be daring, always be daring.  Because dreams are the most effective antidote to ill-being.  Who would not like to fly and touch the stars? Or reach the unreachable? Embark on a journey, destination unknown?  Or wish to be picked up and flown away in a flying saucer?
Zavattari makes us believe that all this is possible, even if only for those moments we observe his work.  A consolation, or rather a hope that sooner or later something will upset our life, but in a positive way.  
He views the world through the eyes of a child, albeit a grown-up one, mixing colours and lines as if playing some sort of favourite game, amidst a confusing richness of symbols, and manages to instil an unusual trust within the onlooker.
And in the abstract of some of the figures, the sensations of life can be felt, the disenchantment of wanting to be present regardless, a hint of the challenge to make the world a better place. Zavattari, eclectic that he is, has once again achieved his objective.  A light always shines at the end of the tunnel.  A light that guides us along that crazy and uncertain path called life.