The artist signs "Equality Stain", a Portuguese brewery LETRA's label

Beyond the creation of his ninth series, Francesco Zavattari's project "My Art is Female" that started in Portugal last year, is still running fast.
During this summer, the Tuscan artist is developing the "Skin Edition", an homage to woman body through color. Here is his point of view introducing the campaign: "Of my mother's skin, who first taught me the value of a woman's body, I make the most straightforward vehicle to deliver a basic principle, one that should never be taken for granted: if you hurt a woman, you're nothing but a bastard. Acid, caustic soda, fire: new ways to harm ever more violently are employed daily. Nothing but art and color on a woman's body. My art is never political. Usually, it's not even social commentary, but one thing I learned, mostly by meeting students in schools, is that education is the first stronghold against savagery".

Zavattari's sensitivity towards this essential theme has been accomplished thanks to LETRA brewerie and the “Municipal Plan for Equality Gender"- Strategy 2013-2016” of Vila Verde’s City Hall proposal: the artist has conceived the label for "Equality Stain" beer and, of course, the whole project concept about Gender Equality. Here is a colorful shape explosion to tell, according to his peculiar style, how man and woman's singularity can mutually elevate in order to create a magnificent union: together, with the same rights. A "fruit beer" for everyone.
Again Zavattari: "To create a label for a beer is a quite interesting challenge for a designer who doesn't drink alcohol. It turns to an honor when you're asked to do it for the prestigious Portuguese Brewery LETRA who has conceived a beer dedicated to Gender Equality with the cooperation of Vila Verde Municipality. "Equality Stain" is not just the name of the drawing I conceived for this label, but of the whole project I had the pleasure to develop with some amazing people that I would like to thank. Thanks also to Brewery LETRA and Vila Verde Municipality.”

On the 20th of August the artist will be guest in Vila Verde for the debut party "Equality Sunset": during the event, the new beer and the entire project will be presented. An interesting development for the fruitful relationship with Portugal, who strongly supports Zavattari's art in many ways.


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