Viseu, Educating City - November 30, 2017

Two years after his debut, Francesco Zavattari returns to Portugal, this time for a journey where the artist combines his communicative side with his educational activity. November 30, will be spent at Museu Quinta da Cruz, for the realization of his latest educational project, COLOUR STATE OF MIND, for and with the art students of many schools of the municipality. 

Viseu is one of the 61 educating cities member of the Portuguese Territorial Network of Educating Cities and one of the 485 cities worldwide that is part of the International Association of Educating Cities. The integration in these networks aims to reinforce the know-how of the Municipality in educational projects and social inclusion and to design the successful experiences of the "Viseu Educa" Program.

On this day, the Portuguese Territorial Network of Educating Cities considered disseminating the good practices of the Municipality of Viseu under Principle 18 of the "Charter of Educating Cities", referring to its role in "building a city that promotes associations with a sense of co-responsibility".

COLOUR STATE OF MIND, the artist's original format, composed of a masterclass and a workshop, dedicated to the study, development and application of COR, whose research has been carried out over the last three years through the INVELIGHT project, aims to provide to students a comprehensive view of COLOUR and its many applications as well as providing them knowledge and interpretation tools that enhance their creativity, in their studies, and in the future in their professional life.

In Italy, his birthplace, the premiere of this project was held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce in January, and the workshop was sponsored by CROMOLOGY ITALIA, offering dozens of liters of colour.

In Portugal, this session is exclusively sponsored by Robbialac, a company belonging to the group Cromology, one of the world leaders in the field of paints. Founded in 1931, Tintas Robbialac develops its activity in four main business areas: Decorative Paints, Thermal Insulation, Protection and Maintenance and Automotive Refinishing. Its operations comprise a factory, a warehouse in Lisbon and a vast distribution network, with more than 1,500 sales outlets, which includes an integrated network of 60 own stores and around 100 exclusive resellers. With a turnover of 41 million euros, in 2016, Robbialac develops its operation with around 300 employees.

The association of a partner / market leader, national and international, whose area of intervention is developed in COR, particularly in paints, the basic material of the entire creative process of the artist, seems natural. Robbialac, through its "Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy", also provides the arrival of this project in Portugal, challenging students to "get their hands dirty" and create their personalized and original palette! As in Lecce, a surprising result is expected: hundreds of new colours created using the combination of emotion and technique, which will later be processed and made available on

In addition to being an artist, Francesco is also a designer, and naturally deals with everyday issues related to communication, his power and also his weakness. Combining the artistic and professional characteristics, Francesco assumes Art to the service of Education, part that he himself considers essential for the social development of mankind.

Event Details:
Masterclass . Workshop

Museu Quinta da Cruz

Project Manager: Cláudia Almeida
Project Assistants: Ana Paula Costa and Sílvia Damásio
Press Office / Italy: Silvia Cosentino
Sponsor: Robbialac

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