Grupo Folclórico de Vila Verde, Portugal

'Roots' is the latest artistic project of Francesco Zavattari, exploring the potential of photography, where the artist pays homage to the Portuguese tradition and also to the Portuguese. The richness, diversity and beauty of their regional costumes, preserved through various institutions linked to folklore and its dissemination, as a fundamental part of World Heritage. Through a real record, but under the eyes of Francesco, stimulated by his artistic sensitivity, creative and innovative spirit, he focuses on the exquisiteness of the costumes, the beauty of the women and men who wear them, the attractiveness of the musical instruments and ancestral objects they use. The artist is interested in capturing the temporal gap between the "roots" and the contemporaneity of the portrayed, faithful guardians of the ancestral tradition but, simultaneously, women and men of the 20th century. XXI, diverging from the documentary photographic record format, adding his aesthetic sensibility. For the launch of this project Francesco selected the Folk Group of Vila Verde, city with which he had previously collaborated.